Organisational Development (OD)

How to align the building blocks of OD: strategy, structure, culture

Strategy. Structure. Culture. It’s a no brainer that these three components have to co-act to make an organisation thrive. So why does it seem like they are constantly bothering and even counteracting each other? In our opinion, it is because all 3 are massive forces in any organisation, and mastering them requires an apt mindset, skills, and instruments. That is exactly what this mini-masterclass on OD (organizational development) is about.

Your 5 burning questions?
— Question 1 —
Strategy. Structure. Culture. Do you want to get inspired on these three topics?
— Question 2 —
You want to return to your organization with a carefully selected set of topnotch insights and tools allowing you to map and align your current culture, strategy and structural efforts?
— Question 3 —
Your organisation needs change. Aligning culture with structure, or vice versa, ready to go ahead?
— Question 4 —
Do you want feedback and feedforward from peers that will broaden your business perspective, your strategic positioning, and your view on organizational readiness?
— Question 5 —
You want to actively practice tools and methods that allow you to see and cope with the wider complexity of organizational development?


Business leaders, advisors, everyone who wants to learn about

  • Strategy
  • Structure
  • Culture
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Our Program Building blocks


Upfront we will send you some inspirational reading. A mix of both solid classic literature and trending stuff.


Exploring different organizational models

  • Aligning structure with strategy
  • The organization design process
  • Organizational modeling
  • Governance, culture, and leadership
  • Rethinking functions and roles
  • Decision-making models
  • Radical decentralization and self-management: holacracy
  • Aligning culture with structure, or vice versa
  • The role of the OD fonction
  • Agile transformation
  • Bottom-up change


After the mini-masterclass, an individual follow-up coaching helps you digest your insights, customized to your organization and your specific role/ambitions.

Program mode Purpose Duration
Power webinar Exploring 90 minutes
Online training Focus 6 hours
Live training Focus 6 hours
Training course Deep dive Tailored to your needs

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