Problem Solving

How to tackle tough problems and have fun along the way

Learn how to find solutions for new challenges, and to re-think your existing solutions for the old ones. Tackle tough problems together with your colleagues... and have fun along the way.

Your 5 burning questions?
— Question 1 —
Numerous methods and ways of resolving problems are possible. However, the pattern behind all these proposed methodologies is mainly the same. How about mastering exactly that pattern?
— Question 2 —
How about getting back to the very basics of problem solving and dive into the science of any good thinking?
— Question 3 —
Analyse your team, do you want to learn the problem solving preferences of your team through a Foursight assessment?
— Question 4 —
Do you want to know how to the "let’s-get-real developers mindset" works? How you can start Implementing solutions (getting things done) ?
— Question 5 —
You want to identify the solving problem capacity in your organisation? Look into your own strengths, weaknesses and preferences in solving problems ?


Evidently, everyone should be a problem solver! Regardless if you are a parent, nurse, lawyer or teacher. This lab however will focus on professionals facing business issues (sputtering internal processes, daily people issues, failing products, customer dissatisfaction, you name it…).

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Our Program Building blocks

Upfront you will do an online FourSight® assessment regarding creative problem solving. The results will be used during the training.


  • Creative problem solving: the evergreen pattern
  • People and their problem solving preferences
  • Me and my team (hell yeah, problem solving is teamwork!)
  • Methodical dealing with (your) problem solving pitfalls
  • Ways of stimulating creative ideating
  • Your and other business cases throughout the lab
Program mode Purpose Duration
Power webinar Exploring 90 minutes
Online training Focus 6 hours
Live training Focus 6 hours
Training course Deep dive Tailored to your needs

Tackling issues big and small in order to get results... now! And that problem solving dynamic is exactly what Bruno wants to make happen in any organisation. Bruno is Foursight® certified consultant at Beanmachine

Bruno Vanneste, Bean mechanic