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Seven Secrets of Storytelling


When it comes to taking important decisions, facts and figures are essential. But when it comes to changing people’s mindsets, making them adhere to a decision, igniting action, you need a different strategy. That’s where storytelling comes in.

Should you be a storyteller?

Of course we are all storytellers. When meeting with your friends, at home with your kids,... Obviously professional storytelling is not just bragging in a bar at Friday eve. It is deliberately and sparingly using a powerful tool for persuasion. In particular if you take up a leading role. If that is what you have been looking for then you should definitely join us on this learning trip.

What's your happy ending?

  • Insights in a whole different way of communicating in your organization
  • New muscles empowering you in convincingly taking the lead in situations
  • A smart storyboard to take back home and immediately put into practice

Storytelling is not yet another training in presentation skills. The crucial switch is in wanting and being able to look differently at facts, figures and contexts. It's both mindset and behavior. So yes, be prepared for some serious action where we will get under your skin.

Your learning journey

You will learn both by telling stories ànd listening to them. In order to this intensively and at the same time keep a good pace, we do limit the number of participants (so you’d better be quick to get on board).


Your journey starts with a storytelling exercise upfront, to get you warmed up for ‘the real work’.

7 Secrets of Storytelling

  • A good story stimulates the mind
  • What story lies hidden in your brain?
  • One story does not fit all
  • From anecdote to compelling story
  • The secret recipe for a good story
  • Seize your listeners’ attention
  • Tell your story… over and over again


Facing your next (or first) public storytelling moment, you get a 1 on 1 video call to check your story with our expert.

Your Masters of Development

Ive Van der Auweraert

Some people look like born storytellers… Yep, Ive surely is one of them. At the same time he is convinced many people have this storytelling gene but they just are not aware of it. And he is determined to find and turn on that priceless switch within professionals. So we can all live happily ever after.

Frédéric Williquet

For Frederic storytelling is mainly about knowing, feeling and really wanting to seduce your audience. Regardless if you do it with words, cartoon sketches or through photography (his latest passion btw). Getting meaningful messages to really stick, that’s Frederic’s mission.

You can still join these editions

Storytelling en haar Zeven Geheimen

10.30h - 15.30h


€ 690

Seven Secrets of Storytelling
English edition

10.30h - 15.30h


€ 690

Les Sept Secrets du Storytelling
En français

10.30h - 15.30h


€ 690

Pricing is VAT excluded. But it does include all materials involved during your journey as well as food and beverages whenever needed.

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