The basics of Agile project work

Get sh*t done… better, faster with more fun!

More relevant than ever before. Learn how to make work visible for everybody, prioritise together, distribute, deliver... and evaluate in an agile and virtual way.

Your 5 burning questions?
— Question 1 —
Are you looking for a different way of working, or do you want to refresh or refine your agile way of working?
— Question 2 —
Are you looking in your organization for ways to create more support around a number of important projects?
— Question 3 —
Are you struggling to transform large projects into smaller pieces of work? Or do you want to explore with your entire project team how things can be done differently?
— Question 4 —
Do you want to get inspired by project work with results, with support and with fun?
— Question 5 —
Times that agile project work was just for IT geeks are now far behind us... and fortunately so. Do you want to learn how to work in an agile way in line with the Agile Manifesto ànd with our own 'magic Bean sauce' ?


For all project leaders, project managers, product owners that face one or more projects with a certain complexity.

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Our Program Building blocks

Module 1. Basic concepts of agile and the entire flow of project work

  • Simulation game to experience Agile and get acquainted with the building blocks.
  • Introduction Agile: Roles, Rituals, Artefacts - the essence!
  • The role of Product Owner: tasks, power, work, tips & tricks
  • Getting started with your own project

Module 2. Conduct and agility

  • Stakeholders & Behavior
  • Incremental and iterative work - processes, steps, jobs to do...
  • Backlog refinement for the PO
  • Role of the SM
  • Getting started with your own project

Module 3. Retrospectives and deepening everywhere

  • Retrospectives: overview, examples, and how to close the feedback loop
  • Estimates, burndown charts, review methods and other agile methodologies
  • Loose ends
  • Getting started with your own project
Program mode Purpose Duration
Power webinar Exploring 90 minutes
Online training Focus 6 hours
Live training Focus 6 hours
Training course Deep dive Tailored to your needs

For five years Gunter has been working with methods such as scrum and agile in services environments. He is fully versed in project work and has developed his quirky view on agile project work.

Gunter Loos, Bean mechanic