Virtual collaboration platforms (Mural/Miro)

How to give online collaboration that personal touch

Learn how to make collaboration with remote or hybrid teams engaging, efficient and fun. In a hands-on training, based on our own experience and on your specific needs, we guide you through the possibilities in Mural or Miro to create powerful virtual collaboration spaces. Learn how to design, prepare, facilitate and wrap-up a virtual session with remote teams.

Your 5 burning questions?
— Question 1 —
Are you sick and tired of looking at the boring videoconference screen?
— Question 2 —
Are you looking for a way to engage teams and create more energy?
— Question 3 —
Are you struggling to get your team in creative mode to make ideas freely flow?
— Question 4 —
Want to become a boss in making online and hybrid meetings more human, productive and fun?
— Question 5 —
Do you have a very concrete challenge with a (large) group coming up soon?


  • You are a projectmanager, a teamleader, a facilitator, a Learning and Development specialist, … and you want to master Mural and/or Miro.
  • You want to make sure "death by videoconference" is no longer the main cause of death 
  • You want to kill one-way traffic and allow optimal interaction online
  • You like speed, efficiency in your meetings and want this online as well
  • You want the technology to help you to build engagement, connection and efficiency in your distributed team(s).
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Our Program Building blocks

1. A fool with a tool... is still a fool

What is the added value in the existing digital toolset  / When to use / Pros and cons of the online collaboration platform / ROI 

2. Smart set-up

Install logical order of SPACE – ROOMS – BOARDS / Projectmanagement in Mural/Miro / Open Rooms / Templates / Corporate graphic style components / Tagging – naming – duplicating / Learning modules

3. How to...

Enter and set up member profile / Build a board / Build rooms / Manage members / Invite guests / Lock, unlock, frame, duplicate, adjust, change fonts, …

4. Powerful learning and interaction scripts

Smart scripted interaction / Best practice sharing / Tips and tricks

5. Build your first canvas – bring all you have learned into practice.

Program mode Purpose Duration
Power webinar Exploring 90 minutes
Online training Focus 6 hours
Live training Focus 6 hours
Training course Deep dive Tailored to your needs

As an anthropologist with an IT background, Gunter has a thorough understanding of how these tools work - yes, he appears to be a bit of a feature geek - and he combines this with great people and facilitation skills.

Gunter Loos, Bean mechanic