Basics of Agile Project Work

Get sh*t doneā€¦ better, faster with more fun!

The days when agile project work was just for IT geeks are now far behind us... and fortunately so. We've been working together on projects with clients in an agile way for years. Maybe not 100% according to the original framework, but it's completely in line with the Agile Manifesto and with our own 'magic Bean sauce' in terms of visual support and human interaction. We found a valuable way to tackle large and small projects with a lot of dynamics, with more support and with a better chance of success. Project work with results, with support and with fun..... And this is what we want to inspire you with.

Your cup of tea?

Are you a project leader, project manager, product owner of one or more projects with a certain complexity? Are you looking for a different way of working, or do you want to refresh or refine your agile way of working? Do you regularly add another project to your 'regular work' and are you looking for a way to combine that more easily?

Are you looking in your organization for ways to create more support around a number of important projects? Are you struggling to transform large projects into smaller pieces of work? Or do you want to explore with your entire project team how things can be done differently?

What's in it for you?

  • You will know the basic concepts of the agile project methodology: the roles, the rituals and the artifacts.
  • You are able to apply the principles behind agile working to your project
  • You have a backpack full of practical examples to organise and follow up project work differently
  • You have been introduced to a number of easily accessible tools and methodologies to help you bring structure and overview and keep it up to date

Expect a path of active experimentation (and learning from mistakes) at a fast pace. But in order to allow everything to integrate, participants will be given relevant reading and learning material. To browse through at any time and for days on end, and to immerse yourself in agile ways. At your own pace this time.

Your program

The program consists of 3 modules. You will be given some homework beforehand and we will follow up on you after the course as well. In between the modules we will also ask you to do some reading or listening work. You will also experiment with the learned material.


We ask you to have a clearly defined project in mind. One that you are already working on, that has yet to start, or even one that is behind you.

We also ask you to read about 20 short pages with some basic concepts of agile. This way, we can make some speed during the training itself (how agile is that!).


Module 1. Basic concepts of agile and the entire flow of project work

  • Simulation game to experience Agile and get acquainted with the building blocks.
  • Introduction Agile: Roles, Rituals, Artefacts - the essence!
  • The role of Product Owner: tasks, power, work, tips & tricks
  • Getting started with your own project

Experimental period

Module 2. Conduct and agility

  • Stakeholders & Behavior
  • Incremental and iterative work - processes, steps, jobs to do...
  • Backlog refinement for the PO
  • Role of the SM
  • Getting started with your own project

Experimental period

Module 3. Retrospectives and deepening everywhere

  • Retrospectives: overview, examples, and how to close the feedback loop
  • Estimates, burndown charts, review methods and other agile methodologies
  • Loose ends
  • Getting started with your own project

Experimental period


After the training you can choose to join an inter/supervision group. There we regularly exchange practical experiences and review the challenges from a theoretical point of view. We also make sure that you have some reading material to focus on a number of issues at your own pace.

Your Master of Development

Gunter Loos & Jan Bal

For five years Gunter and Jan have been working with methods such as scrum and agile in services environments. They are fully versed in project work and have developed their quirky view on agile project work. They like to take you along with them in their theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

This is how you can join

Basics of Agile Project Work
Online version

3 x 120 minutes
We set dates together




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