Courageous Conversations


Learn how to deal with critical situations in 1 on 1 relationships courageously. The difficult issues are rarely discussed during periodic 1 on 1 talks. This tool allows you to address those topics in a human centered and intuitive way.

Your 5 burning questions?
— Question 1 —
We’re only human. So when the going gets tough, it sometimes feels better (safer) to just keep still. How can we learn to speak up?
— Question 2 —
Managers and coaches get the ungrateful task to start pulling and pushing people… . How can you cultivate bravery in your work environment?
— Question 3 —
Sometimes it feels safer not to act, to stay in your comfort zone. How can you use vulnerability and curiosity to create a safe environment to speak up?
— Question 4 —
Do you want to know how one act of Bravery each day can change the behaviour of people and teams in a positive way in the long run?
— Question 5 —
Courage ... You want comprehend the (pretty complex) concept of courageous conversations: what hinders versus what fosters?


This training aims for managers and coaches willing to keep boosting their own bravery at work and meanwhile enabling others to cultivate a similar mindset. Peope skills are not your issue, you particularly want to grasp how you can coach others in pushing their boundaries.

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Our Program Building blocks

Upfront you get a personal Act of Bravery assignment... learning starts here


  • Dissection of the concept ‘courageous conversations'
  • Creating safe yet challenging settings: do’s and don’ts
  • Fear to curiosity, comfort to stretch
  • Your Act of Bravery (case work)
  • The power of vulnerability
  • Fans of Bravery
  • Bravery Toolkit: thinking, speaking, doing
  • Acts of Bravery in your organization
Program mode Purpose Duration
Power webinar Exploring 90 minutes
Online training Focus 6 hours
Live training Focus 6 hours
Training course Deep dive Tailored to your needs

As a consultant and a coach Katrien is very much aware how it is not just a question of adapting and obtaining new skills. Coaching people into the new needs a both human and straight forward approach.

Katrien Van Rossom, Bean mechanic