Courageous Conversations at Work

Coaching people into the new

We’re only human. So when the going gets tough, it sometimes feels better (safer) to just keep still. To go with the flow, right? At the same time we do realize that - by doing so – we, our team, our organization might miss out on something. Managers and coaches then get the ungrateful task to start pulling and pushing people… mostly in vain. What if in a work environment people would more often dare to show themselves, to speak up, to act? And how could you get people to push their own boundaries, how can you cultivate bravery? For sure not by keeping quiet.

How about you?

This training aims for managers and coaches willing to keep boosting their own bravery at work and meanwhile enabling others to cultivate a similar mindset. Peope skills are not your issue, you particularly want to grasp how you can coach others in pushing their boundaries.

After this training...

  • You comprehend the (pretty complex) concept of courages conversations: what hinders versus what fosters?
  • You are not allmighty but with new insights and techniques bounderies become negiotable in your coachings
  • You are given tools to stimulate bolder thinking and braver acting in your (team) environment

Courage. It’s a very personal thing, unique for every individual. Yet, in our experience, the road towards it, is the same for everyone. And while you can never force bravery, interventions and tools to get people pushing bounderies do exist. Every time that happens... what a blast!

Your program


Upfront you get a personal Act of Bravery assignment... learning starts here.


  • Dissection of the concept ‘courageous conversations'
  • Creating safe yet challenging settings: do’s and don’ts
  • Fear to curiosity, comfort to stretch
  • Your Act of Bravery (case work)
  • The power of vulnerability
  • Fans of Bravery
  • Bravery Toolkit: thinking, speaking, doing
  • Acts of Bravery in your organization


Having people pushing their boundaries can be demanding. So if you need to, you can apply for an extra coach the coach session to hoar up some extra bravery.

Your Masters of Development

Katrien Van Rossom

As a consultant Katrien witnesses the challenges professionals face every day. As a coach she is very much aware how that is not just a question of adapting and obtaining new skills. Coaching people into the new needs a both human and straight forward approach. And she loves to get you going with that.

Chris Cuyt

Being a coach and therapist for many years now, Chris has probably given guidance to hundreds of professionals. Of all these talks, the ones that prove the most valuable are often the ones where bravery and pushing boundaries is the main topic. Ever since that's her favorite angle, and she will be happy to convince you to make it your angle too (and how to do it).

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