(Online) Third Space for Teams

How to renew your team journey and reshape the future

After any crisis, teams need to get out of survival mode and back to business. It feels great to revive! However, the world has changed and you... see opportunities. Let's not waste a crisis but instead get into the driver seat and start refining the future of your organization. Not just you, you want to shape this future together with your team. To enable this ambition, we guide teams into a structured and inspiring space where together you can start making the boldest plans. In that 'third space' a high energetic yet smartly scripted and facilitated intervention will take place. With both time and space for deep connection and alignment on a renewed vision, resulting in traction to enhance your culture.

Your 5 burning questions?
— Question 1 —
Third space is the environment, separate from home ("first place") and the day to day workplace ("second place”). Third space? Oh yes, we can get you there... either on site or remote.
— Question 2 —
Look back in an appreciative way to the track you already walked as a team, what can we learn from it?
— Question 3 —
Do you want to align with your team on a renewed flag and ambition, the big 'Why'?
— Question 4 —
What are blockers and enablers to tackle in order to bridge the “knowing-doing gap”?
— Question 5 —
Design a renewed habitat to enhance these behaviours, yet that's culture, right?


You lead a team and/or organization in troubled times, yet don’t consider yourself to be a victim. Instead you see the opportunities in any crisis. And you want your team/organization to feel the same. You consider an off-site in which you can co-design this new journey with your (management)team. All you need, is the right space/context/scenario to make such sparks of boldness happen. Yep, sounds like third space to us.

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Our Program Building blocks

Get ready for a tailor-made track where we will guide you. Either physically at an inspiring location or virtually with smart interactive digital tools.


Through surveying and/or intake interviews, we capture key information from your team members and/or stakeholders. 


  • You’re already in the basecamp! What a great track you walked till now. 
  • Caution: new weather conditions in a new world! Let’s analyse them.
  • Do you have to renew/redefine your flag? What again is your big “Why?”
  • Defining your bold yet sincere ambitions: let’s do this together.  
  • What do you need to keep, improve, start, stop in your renewed journey? 
  • What do you need to deliver as a team? What are key behaviors to succeed? 
  • What are blockers and enablers to tackle in order to bridge the “knowing-doing gap”?
  • Let’s co-design a habitat/context that will enhance this behavior and culture. 


We foresee (remote or live) follow-up and sounding board moments. In doing so, we support and advise you in getting traction and in accomplishing your team commitments. Need more support in the roll out of your bold plans? We’ll stay with you, shoulder by shoulder. 

Program mode Purpose Duration
Power webinar Exploring 90 minutes
Online training Focus 6 hours
Live training Focus 6 hours
Training course Deep dive Tailored to your needs

As a organizational psychologist and former organizational development manager, François deeply understands the dynamic of behavior and culture within teams and organizations. He will coach you with the right questions on the right moment.

François Toussaint, Bean mechanic