Virtual Meeting Magic

Sharp interaction during results-oriented online meetings

You regularly meet virtually with customers, colleagues and stakeholders. Maybe you even lead one or several remote (project)team(s). You master the basics of online meeting… enough to take it to the next level and add some magic sauce. At Beanmachine we have been meeting online for years now, with different target groups and different objectives. We found many ways to start a dialogue, share knowledge and collect information in a fast, efficient and fun way with (many) people online. Keen to make your remote meetings more attractive and dynamic? Then join this 90’ Online Meeting Magic session!

Who is Online Meeting Magic for?

  • You want to end one way traffic during your meetings and allow maximum interaction
  • You enjoy speed and output in your meetings … also online
  • You want to get to know the (latest) digital tools and apply them usefully in your online meeting
  • You want to prevent 'death by videoconf' for you and your participants by having a good mix and the right frequency
  • You do not want technology to stand in the way, you want it to support you

After this Online Meeting Magic session...

  • You learn to implement a basic online meeting hygiene that ensures efficiency and fun
  • You are able to stimulate sharp interaction in your online meetings
  • You have gained valuable insights in smart scripting of your meetings (and why we find that so important)
  • You have been introduced to a few modern tools to use before, during and after your meeting
  • You have received an abundance of interesting tips, tricks and best practices on useful cards.

Do not be mistaken: this is about so much more than technology. You will learn smart facilitation and scripting techniques to introduce online interaction and fun in your meetings. And work towards a result! In short, the perfect kickstart to become a good facilitator for all types of online meetings. Today and forever onwards.

How do we approach the training?

We actively dive into the subject during an online session of 90’. Before the session, you will already get a warm-up. And afterwards we put you on the right track to turn what you’ve learned into practice.


We supply you with reading and listening material to sharpen your hunger.

We ask you a number of questions via an online survey about what you want to learn, which technology you (usually) use and what your biggest challenges are today.

We ask you to have a real-life case ready, so that we can apply some insights and practices to that case during the session.


In this 90’ session we share our “best of” 4 M’s for kick-ass online meetings: Mindset - Muscles - Method – Machinery – applied on the following 4 steps:

  • Step 1: prepare and invite
  • Step 2: connect and launch the meeting
  • Step 3: diverge and deep dive
  • Step 4: converge, engage and follow up


You will have some practical cards to use as reminders of what you’ve learned.

You will have the opportunity for one of our coaches to attend an online meeting of your own and give you personal feedback afterwards on the preparation, the use of technology and how you did as facilitator.

Your Masters of Development

Bruno Vanneste

Bruno managed teams for years, both local and international. He had meetings for on average 25h per week with colleagues, customers, prospects…. Over the years, these meetings gradually turned into online meetings. Bruno will gladly and passionately share all his experience during the training.

Gunter Loos

Educated as an anthropologist and IT expert, Gunter has lead project teams for 20 years, in many different contexts. For him, virtual meetings have been his ‘new normal’ for some time now. Gunter will take you with him in this online adventure to share his technical knowledge as well as experience on dynamics and method.

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Online Meeting Magic

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