Online Meetings for Dummies

Your meetings online starting tomorrow

Remote customers. Team members in different locations. Participants or stakeholders that cannot or will not come to you. Rings a bell? We obviously prefer to have everyone physically in one place because we get more non-verbal and contextual information that way. And that’s what seems to disappear when you meet online… but does it really? At Beanmachine, we have been meeting online for years and have found many ways to start a dialogue, share knowledge and collect information in a fast, efficient and fun way with (many) people online. Want to learn the basics together with your colleagues and start apply immediately the day after? In this online 60’ session we train you the 4 steps and the 4M’s to run successful online meetings: Mindset – Muscles - Method – Machinery.
Your 5 burning questions?
— Question 1 —
Am I ready to transfer to online? Am I mentally prepared? Do I still experience resistance with me and/or the participants? How do I put that topic on the table? When and how do I want to apply this?
— Question 2 —
How do I use the technology of my organization in the most optimal way for online meetings? How can I maybe add stuff? How can I use it better and easier?
— Question 3 —
How do I ensure a basic hygiene for my online meeting in a motivating way?
— Question 4 —
Which steps do I take before, during and after the online meeting for maximum return?
— Question 5 —
How do I make online meeting interactive, fun and attractive for all who attend?

Target audience

You as professional, leader, projectmanager, consultant, but also just you as mum, dad, brother, grandmother, friend… who

  • wants to/needs to take accelerated steps from less analog to more virtual contact
  • will/must switch from analogue to virtual assistance/services in the very short term
  • wants to establish/maintain contact with customers, colleagues, stakeholders in a virtual way
  • wants to maintain interactivity and dynamics of analogue interventions as much as possible in the digital way of working
  • wants to become good or better at using technology to prepare, conduct and follow up meetings
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Our 4 building blocks program

Intake: getting to know the specific need and the available technology. Arrange access to the existing meeting applications to ensure optimum efficiency of the training.

  • Module 1: online meetings, how to prepare and invite?
  • Module 2: online meetings, how to connect and launch?
  • Module 3: online meetings, how to diverge and dive deep into content?
  • Module 4: online meetings, how to converge, engage and follow up?

Do the online ambitions of your organisation go beyond what is offered in this training? If so, be sure to check out our master class Online Meeting Magic where the focus shifts to really strong interaction and effectiveness in online meetings.

Program mode Purpose Duration
Online crash course Learning by doing 60'

"I honestly don't understand why we still see them as a necessary evil. Online meetings today are very often much more efficient than their onsite version. Come on, take the risk and make that switch!"

Jan Bal, bean mechanic and online coffee drinker