(Re)building Organizational Vitality

Light up your organizational energy and responsiveness

Stretching ambitions and adaptive challenges are the ‘new normal’... let’s embrace them! Unfortunately too often this is not a free ride. The ‘vitality cost’ of endurance and continuous focus can be vastly. Does your organization also long for energy? Then start building (new) contexts for organizational vitality. Too vague? Hey, it's right there: think about your meetings, your strategy deployment, your L&D touch points, … in short: your organization ‘Con Gaz’ !!

Your 5 burning questions?
— Question 1 —
How can we deploy a ‘positive’ organizational process next to (or complementary to) our more individual offerings on burn-out, stress, resilience?
— Question 2 —
How can we translate ‘organizational vitality’ into day-to-day activities and not stumble in the pitfall of making big analysis and even bigger plans about it?
— Question 3 —
How can we help leaders to build on organizational vitality? How can our leaders become social architects that shape new contexts for people?
— Question 4 —
How can we provide team- and projectleads the necessary intervention skills and best practices to build on energy, talent, and motivation in groups?
— Question 5 —
How can we build a (new) set of KPI’s and governance structure to embed and sustain a culture of vitality in our organization?


  • HR professionals & prevention workers
  • Business Leaders/ managers
  • Project managers and (team)facilitators

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Our 3 Program Building blocks

  • Part 1: the Rocket model as a framework on organizational vitality (science meets practice)
  • Part 2: interventions and practices to build on organizational vitality (case work and how leading orgs do it)
  • Part 3: going beyond the flash flame by building a sustainable culture and structure for vitality

Program mode Purpose Duration
Crash course tasting 2h (high speed)
All-in-one-day exploring 1 day
One-Block-only focus 1 day
Deep dive all the way 2 to 4 days

Stretching ambitions and adaptive challenges are the ‘new normal’. Let’s genuinely embrace them but without taking them for granted.

Katrien Van Rossom, Bean mechanic