Output Management

Learn to increase the velocity of your teams. Together.

What would happen if you got everyone focused on the end result? What if you could combine all energy around output? What if you could fundamentally shift the focus within your collaborations? After all, as an organization you get what you (implicitly) reward. Too often, however, we see well-meant, but very counterproductive efforts of managers on input and throughput… unfortunately, a lot of efficiency and job satisfaction is then abolished by bad management.

Output management offers you a framework and a way to approach things differently, with a double effect: more efficiency and more employee involvement. It helps you as a leader of a team, a partnership, an organization to direct attention and energy to where it pays off… not for, but together with your colleagues. For example, as a leader you can focus more on giving direction (where to, and why) instead of always having to know how to get there.

Is output management something for you?

  • Do you want to learn a way of looking that focuses on output and engagement? Do you want to get the best out of your team… eyes on the prize?
  • Too often you feel that there is not enough time in a working day? Are you or your team ever frustrated with the amount of work that is (only) done
  • Do employees (openly) indicate that they want to handle things differently and/or do they feel not very motivated or involved?
  • As a leader, do you sometimes feel overwhelmed in terms of responsibility and do you think that your employees do not (dare) make decisions? Are you missing ownership and responsibility in your collaborations?
  • Are you able to manage output, but do you sometimes feel that you are not supported by the organization in which you work?

This journey will allow you to:

  • No longer fall into the trap of "command & control", where you only impose detailed tasks on employees
  • Get introduced to how you can guide employees towards agreed objectives and expectations instead of what they should do and how they should do it
  • Practice defining these objectives together and what kind of criteria they have to meet.
  • You will be given tips on how best to guide employees in a result-oriented way: with freedom and with room to make mistakes, in confidence.
  • To focus on those things that you have influence over and to stop wasting energy on those factors where you have little or no influence over.

And all this topped in our own energetic, human centered Beanmachine way. Go go go

Be inspired and stimulated to shift your gaze so you learn to create room within your team(s) to consider multiple solutions, instead of always using the same well-defined method.

This will stimulate creativity, ownership and trust within your team.

Your program

In this 120 'session we give you our most important insights for efficiency and fun: before, during and after your online meeting.


We ask you to bring 1 or 2 concrete situations to the training where you have specifically focused on what and how. We can get started with that in the training!


In this 120 'session you'll get in touch with result-oriented leadership:

  • Step 1: experience what output management is NOT and reflect on what it IS
  • Step 2: a theoretical framework and model
  • Step 3: get started and apply the theory to the concrete situation (s) you brought with you
  • Step 4: how ready am I and generate self-insight into how ready your organization is?


... you have a theoretical model (as a tool) and many practical tips that you can use to get started with all your employees in a result-oriented way.

… You are stimulated to fully coach your employees and give feedback instead of telling them what to do.

Your Masters of Development

Kris Govaert

Channel as much energy as possible to make beautiful things ... if you like to be challenged on the efficiency of your business and collaboration processes, Kris is your man. Until one year ago, he managed a medium-sized internationally operating company and has over 15 years of experience in business and people management. Output management and the underlying principles are deep in his genes, especially in operational environments.

Gunter Loos

Gunter keeps us awake at Beanmachine when it comes to 'way of working'. With a background in anthropology, combined with years of experience in ICT, he knows the different working methods in service environments very well. In his idiosyncratic way, he interweaves behavioral science, agile and output management for you. And… he just doesn't like giving orders, except to his kids ;-)

How can you join this journey?

Output Management
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Output Management
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