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People & Business Performance in the Digital Age

The power of smart, integrated analytics

Organizations become more and more complex. Managers perceive themselves as being stuck in the middle: realizing change and business ‘traction’ is a burden… Therefore, leaders need to be equipped with new skills, mindsets and practices to ‘defrost’ business situations.

Your 5 burning questions?
— Question 1 —
How can we prepare our people for the digital opportunities to come?
— Question 2 —
How can we integrate all our data (people, business,…) in a more comprehensive way? So much data seems to be ‘unused’…?
— Question 3 —
What are our main organizational issues that require a more thorough, data-based understanding (i.e. machine learning/ AI driven insights)
— Question 4 —
How does the integrated cockpit of the future looks like? What about our current cockpit?
— Question 5 —
How can we shift our people/ business support from a ‘reactive mode’ (fix it) to a more ‘preventive mode’ ? How could analytics help us to do the ‘right things’?


  • Business people
  • IT and business governance roles
  • HR professionals

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Our 6 Program Building blocks

  • Part 1: getting started with people and performance data
  • Part 2: visualizing and analyzing data
  • Part 3: detecting correlations and predicting evolutions
  • Part 4: putting intel into actionable insights
  • Part 5: data driven action & storytelling
  • Part 6: machine learning meets human feedback

Program mode Purpose Duration
Crash course tasting 2h (high speed)
All-in-one-day exploring 1 day
One-Block-only focus 1 day
Deep dive all the way 2 to 4 days

"Of course smart data will impact our business… it seems like we all have agreed on that. The main misunderstanding however is : it will happen tomorrow, not (somewhere) in the future!"

Ive Van der Auweraert, Bean mechanic