Rent a Virtual Facilitator


Whether you like it or not, you regularly meet online with colleagues, clients, stakeholders, project teams. In all kinds of constellations and with all kinds of purposes. You feel that the energy and efficiency are not always quite right, you struggle with the apparent limitations of not being able to meet physically. Also, you don't really get around to think through HOW and WHAT you expect of your online meetings. Rings a bell? Ever thought of hiring a facilitator? Our experienced meeting magicians will help you before, during and after your online meeting to get as much value from the meeting as possible, for yourself and for your participants. Together with you, we script the meeting in advance, relieve you of the facilitation during the meeting itself and after the meeting we look back at what was good and what can be improved.

Your 5 burning questions?
— Question 1 —
Do you want to increase efficiency by levelling up your online meetings?
— Question 2 —
Do you want to be able to dive into the content to the fullest, without having to worry about process and technology?
— Question 3 —
Do you want to invest in your team and in yourself in terms of efficiency, fun and connection?
— Question 4 —
Do you feel that you meeting the limits of yourself, of your team, of technology during online meetings?
— Question 5 —
Would you like to learn from an experienced facilitator while doing and observing?

Target audience

For anyone who manages (project) teams, both hierarchically and transversally. From project and product managers to department managers and board members. And where:

  • One-way traffic in the online meeting is is a thing from the past and optimal interaction is made possible
  • handy tools are used that give the meeting extra energy and possibilities
  • participants do not die from 'death by videoconference’
  • even more speed and efficiency thanks to online meetings
  • technology does not stand in the way, but supports as it should
  • the organisation learns useful tips from the facilitator for future online meetings
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Our 5 building blocks program

Your virtual facilitator contracts and together you:

  1. Do a short intake to get acquainted, identify your specific needs and define the purpose of the meeting. What is your 'definition of done'? And what is the 'definition of fun'?
  2. Check the technology present in your organisation and arrange access to the meeting application(s)?
  3. Apply the 4M's of Meeting Magic (Mindset - Muscles - Method - Machinery) to the 4 steps:
    1. Step 1: prepare and invite
    2. Step 2: Connect and launch the meeting
    3. Step 3: diverge and dive deep into content
    4. Step 4: converge, engage and follow up
  4. Secure the output of the meeting, so that you can immediately get to work with the agreed actions.
  5. Do a retro to evaluate how things went and what can be improved/changed in the next meeting.
Program mode Purpose Duration
Virtual facilitator Your meeting led by our virtual facilitator Tailored to your needs

"Highly recommended to anyone who suffers rather than leads (online) meetings today. Rings a bell? Tomorrow your meeting will look completely different!"

Kris Govaert, bean mechanic and virtual meeting facilitator