The Power of Purpose

Roadtripping towards meaningful products and services

Purpose. It is adding meaning to your brand. In other words, it's the answer to the evergreen question why-should-I-as-a-customer-use-this? And please don't say: "because our product/service is the best"! In a 3 hour journey we'll dive into this purpose matter and challenge your own. Will we be harsh? Yes, we will. But what do you prefer: a critical Bean in a caravan today or customers doubting your product tomorrow?

Should you be a marketing or communication specialist?

Not at all. This journey reaches out to any professional involved in strategic exercises or design processes regarding (new) services or products. From seasoned CEO's to freshly on-boarded officers. Including marketeers of course. As long as you come open minded and with the vast determination to work towards one hell of brand!

What's in it for you?

  • Without any foreknowledge needed, you get introduced in the mechanisme of purpose thinking
  • Deeper understanding of your own business purpose allows you to accelerate internal projects
  • You take back home methodology and insights you can immediately start applying
  • You will be one of the happy few that can actually say: I was inside the Bean caravan :)

Huh, a caravan? Oh yes, the Bean caravan! Our mobile office, our mascot, our source of inspiration. Today in a park, tomorrow along the water, one week later maybe in the middle of a city square. Every new environment challenges old and rusted up habits. What better setting for some serious purpose thinking? On top the Bean caravan offers enough space for you to invite two colleagues as well. Let's go roadtripping!

Your roadtrip

No one-size-fits-all marketing lecture here. This roadtrip implies only you (and up to 2 colleagues if you wish), your Bean master of development and a boxy caravan to ignite out-of-the-box-sparks.


Upfront we have a short intake call to discuss your goals and scope, providing us with a head start on our roadtrip.


  • Warmup exercises to get into the mood
  • The true meaning and value of purpose thinking
  • Marketing a brand with your own and original story
  • Purpose thinking essentials
  • Putting purpose thinking in action (your next steps)


Back home, you’re all set to create your own definition. If needed, we’re always open to be your sounding board.

Your Master of Development

Tom Loockx

Formal creative director with a 20 year backpack of advertising and branding experience. In his forties Tom is seriously reinvestigating the meaning of life. And he finds that particular quest intriguingly similar to defining purposes for brands. Join Tom for some purpose thinking? You 'd make his day (and vice versa, trust us).

You can still join Tom on these roadtrips (max 3 participants)

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