Team Performance

How to tackle the 5 challenges of high performing teams

The pressure on teams is rising! We expect teams to be hubs of innovation, problem solving and visioning. And if team expectations rise…so should the social/business architecture and maturity of teams. Only, this doesn’t happen overnight! It requires slow thinking (stepping out of the daily rush), and a clear framework on how to discuss the functioning of the team. Would a well-organized X-ray of teams not be a virtue for business?

Your 5 burning questions?
— Question 1 —
How can I organize a team time-out that matters, i.e. that doesn’t end up in walking in circles?
— Question 2 —
How can I/we judge the maturity of the team and take appropriate action to step up?
— Question 3 —
What drives performance in the team, and what levers can we use to become more effective as a team?
— Question 4 —
What is my role as a team leader/ coordinator? How can I influence the development of the team?
— Question 5 —
What’s new in team organization? What are new practices in developing teams?


  • Team leaders / Business managers
  • HR-professionals
  • Program managers / Project leaders
  • Staff & support functions working with teams
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Our 5 Program Building blocks

  • Part 1: the 5 assignments of the team
  • Part 2: the challenge of the team (What do others expect? What’s shifting?)
  • Part 3: the internal organization of the team (What are the team goals, roles, processes? What’s the interior design of the team?)
  • Part 4: the dynamics and internal relationships in teams
  • Part 5: the eco-system and stakeholder environment of the team

Program mode Purpose Duration
Power webinar Exploring 90 minutes
Online training Focus 6 hours
Live training Focus 6 hours
Training course Deep dive Tailored to your needs

“Teams today are no longer just part in a chain. They are micro-entreprises and therefore need to be developed as such.”

Greet Verhaest, Bean mechanic