How to develop the adaptability of yourself, your leaders and your teams

By understanding and developing your Adaptability Quotient (AQ), you will become a leader of change instead of a follower. Based on the latest research on Adaptability we take you on a journey towards your ‘Adaptation Advantage’. A person’s adaptability is rooted in 3 elements: Character - Ability - Environment. Discover how developing your AQ can transform the way you and your organisation adapt to change.

Your 5 burning questions?
— Question 1 —
Do you want to understand AQ and start to develop it for yourself and for your team(s)?
— Question 2 —
Do you want to deeply understand one of the most important skills for the future and become a leader instead of a follower in the future of work?
— Question 3 —
Interested in tapping in to the latest research and cutting edge insights on adaptabilty… beyond the Darwin oneliner?
— Question 4 —
Want to transform the way people and organisations adapt to change?
— Question 5 —
Want to start developing your adaptability?


Evidently, we believe everyone should know his or her AQ and develop it continuously! Regardless if you are a parent, nurse, lawyer or teacher. This training however will focus on professionals facing adaptive challenges and willing to discover new perspectives to face those challenges.

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Our Program Building blocks


To get the most out of this program we'll ask you to do a 15' pre-read and take the AQai self-assessment. Don't expect a personality test or a preference-assessment like DISC, MBTI, or Insights Discovery. This is new, cutting edge research applied on your ability to adapt as a human being and as a professional.


During this interactive training, we take you on the journey towards your adaptation advantage.

The business case for AQ

We are facing the next industrial revolution. Never before humans will collaborate with machines and artificial intelligence. No need to fear though, but need to adapt. Successful organisations are organisations with a high Adaptability Quotient — meaning they adapt to change in a smart and sustainable way. We provide you with the theoretical frameworks to understand the need for adaptation and how we can thrive as a professional in this future of work.

The 3 elements of AQ

We introduce you to the 'adaptiotic table' containing the scientifically valid measures of the 15 dimensions of adaptability

  • Character: we discover the 5 dimensions of Character
  • Ability: we discover the 5 dimensions of Ability
  • Environment: we discover the 5 dimensions of Environment

As the last pieces of the puzzle, we look at Change Readiness and Reskill Index.

Understanding your AQ

a) How and to what degree do I adapt?

b) Do I adapt… and why?

c) When do I adapt and to what degree

How to develop your adaptation advantage

The good news is that you can train the mindset and the muscle to adapt. We'll get you started on your journey.


You receive your detailed personal AQai-profile which you can use in the weeks and months after to reflect and learn. The insights and frameworks you received in the training will help you to get the most value out of this report.

You will also get a deck of 'Adaptability Checker' cards that you can use to reflect and start a dialogue on Adaptability in your organisation.

OPTIONAL: for an extra 65€/p we can give you a second assessment after 6 months

Program mode Purpose Duration
Power webinar Exploring 90 minutes
Online training Focus 6 hours
Live training Focus 6 hours
Training course Deep dive Tailored to your needs

As a organisational psychologist and former organisational development manager, François deeply understands the dynamic of behaviour and culture within teams and organisations. He will coach you with the right questions at the right moment.

François Toussaint, Bean mechanic