(virtual) Personal Reboarding Kit

Standing still to leap forward

These are special times… especially fascinating times… and also very exciting times. Some employees have more time than ever to think and reflect. Others feel an enormous work pressure and feel there is hardly any distinction between work and private life. Some work more efficiently than ever and flourish, others quietly disappear and don't find their place at all, they feel useless or restless in this situation ... All these and other dynamics live in your organization, probably even in your team and perhaps also in yourself.
You cannot always solve everything as a team, which is why we developed this personal toolkit in addition to (virtual) Team-revival-kit :

  • Either for yourself as a professional, so you can fully regain your strength.
  • Or for those employees in your organization who still have trouble finding traction and enthusiasm.

Is the Personal Reboarding Kit something for you?

  • Do you want to give your employees the opportunity to give meaning to what has happened before they have to get back to work? Do you want to pay attention and time to the work ability of your employees in the new reality?
  • Do you feel that you are reaching your limits or do you need a 'pit stop' to do a thorough check on how you are doing at work?
  • Would you like to turn the past period into something valuable and sustainable from a feeling that things can be done differently?
  • Do you want to look further than you have done before? Are you looking for a framework or a method to search a little further than the surface, accompanied by an experienced guide?

What do we offer?

We offer you a modular approach with scripts to relaunch yourself and/or your employees in their work. We look from different angles and thoroughly explore all aspects of your work ability. We help you to have a courageous conversation, with yourself, with your colleagues or with your manager, with the commitment of your own and each other's sustainable employability. In the train-the-trainer approach, you can learn the method yourself to guide colleagues, or you can simply join the program for yourself. We promise you an approach that will help you to stand still and contemplate in depth, to be able to leap forward afterwards.

Sometimes you need to stand still in order to move forward.

The program consists of a number of steps that you can go through, independently or linked together as a sort of step-by-step plan. You can choose and combine them in a modular way, completely in line with your reality.

Your program

The program consists of a number of steps that you can go through, independently or linked together as a sort of step-by-step plan. You can choose and combine them in a modular way, completely in line with your reality.


We start with an intake in which we explore what could be an appropriate approach for you and/or your organization. Then we make a tailor-made proposal.
We discuss with you in detail all that was agreed about approach and confidentiality and we set a clear goal together with the people involved.


Train-the-trainer mode:

We teach you a number of scripts with which you can work with employees within your organization. You will receive a toolbox and we train you in mindset and muscles to use the toolbox correctly.

We roughly cover 4 layers:

  1. thorough personal reflection on your own work ability
  2. Enter into a dialogue with your peers and/or your manager in a courageous and structured way
  3. make a plan for yourself and your environment around your work ability and organize your resources
  4. create a new narrative for yourself and your environment

Personal Guide mode:

Our experienced coaches (NL-FR-EN) themselves provide guidance to employees in a uniform and structured manner. They go through (one or more of the) 4 steps with them, with a focus on personal care for the individual with close involvement of the work context in which he / she functions.


The tools we use are included in a digital version.

In any case, we provide 30' follow-up after 2 weeks and after 4 weeks by telephone or video conference. The first alone with the employee, the second with the employee and his/her buddy and/or manager. Our coaches can also remain available longer, depending on the need or wish.

At your request, we can also provide an anonymous debriefing to all concerned about the trends we see across the various coachings.

Your Masters of Development

Serge Lanhove

Serge worked for a long time in an international corporate Learning and development role. He knows better than anyone else at Beanmachine the challenges of employees and leaders regarding sustainable employability, talent development and lifelong learning ... and how this works in organizations. From that experience, he also never wants to look at 'an individual' as an isolated person, but he makes the connection between individual, team and organization.

Chris Cuyt en Katrien Van Rossom

These ladies have been working together for years as career coaches and Gestallt therapists. They have guided hundreds of people in dealing with their work issues (and life issues). At Beanmachine they have been working on ways to break the classic coaching patterns, less focused on the invidual, but more connected to the system. Feel free to challenge them… you won't regret it.

How can you join this journey?

(virtual) Personal Reboarding Kit
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(virtual) Personal Reboarding Kit
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