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You can motivate employees and keep them productive by connecting: by sharing with each other how things are going, agreeing who is taking on which tasks, checking whether it’s working out. As the leader you can give direction and feedback. Teammembers feel heard, seen and supported. This is what they need even when working from a distance. Working out of office is difficult for some, whilst others find that it helps them to be more productive, to apply other competencies, to enjoy another 'self chosen' workplace. It is your job as a team leader, manager, project manager to know how your team is doing and where necessary or desirable, to take action tailored to this new situation. Do you want to do this in a structured way? Both innovative in terms of approach and broader than just the dimension of 'wellbeing' or “diagnosing work overload”?

Target group

You are a manager, owner, team or project leader with a need for

  • a uniform script to connect with your employees, also on a large scale
  • a clear structured tool to maintain a qualitative connection with your employees
  • authentic dialogue on 'health', 'competences', 'values' and 'work
  • the finger on the pulse of several people, even if they're (each) in a different place
  • overview of how your people are doing and what they need

The Virtual Workability Check takes you step-by-step into having a motivating dialogue with teammembers, taking action together and collecting information that is relevant here and now and also valuable and useful for the future. As a leader, you can do this yourself or delegate it within your organisation. Placing the process in the hands of Beanmachine is not a must.

Perhaps this is the perfect moment to replace that often too slow, too anonymous, not very engaging and too archaic Engagement Survey with a more permanent, more energetic finger on the pulse, which stimulates two-way communication and generates a valuable data trace? Let's talk!

Your program

Together with our coaches you'll dive into a 90' session where we'll give you insight and tools for your own Virtual Workability Check. We'll sharpen your attention before the session and follow up on you afterwards as well.


Prior to the session, you will receive a clear step-by-step plan and planner. This allows you to think this through tailored to your own context. This way you step into the online session with focus.


During this session we will set you on your way to take 4 of the 5 steps of the Virtual Workability Check yourself:

Step 1. With informal questions you have a short conversation with your team members and you explain your plan.

Step 2. You give your team members a survey focusing ability. This is based on motivation, values and beliefs, energy givers/eaters, competencies and... the job itself.

Step 3. You first discuss the results of the survey with each team member during a video call. You will learn to detect common experiences/results and to use these in a connecting way at the next online team meeting.

Step 4. Together with the team, you will formulate solutions for what presents itself. With an overview of what is urgent and important, short-term objectives and tasks to be distributed (using a digital canvas).


The fifth step we take after the online session is one-on-one with you. This step includes how you can follow up on the workability of your people, make it discussable, motivate,...

Optional. Do you want optimal technological support for your Virtual Workability Check? Then after the content session, we recommend a technical consultation with our preferred partner JiGSO.

Your Masters of Development

Katrien Van Rossom

Katrien is both a consultant and a coach. As a consultant, Katrien sees how professionals sometimes face tough challenges today. The many conversations she has as a coachshow that it's rarely just a matter of 'learning new skills' or 'getting time to adjust'. Moving people's boundaries requires both a people- and a result-oriented approach. An approach that she also applies to put people on the right track.

Wout Goossens

As an (ambitious) engineer, Wout is passionate about disruptive technology and about how it impacts organizations and social work contexts. Wout works at JiGSO, provider of People Analytics solutions. He therefore likes to think along with organizations about how technology really becomes an added value of and for people.

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