All beans are gathered here. We see to it we have the best coffee. Or bean soup. Whatever comes to mind with the word bean.

Each bean has a unique talent and style. What they have in common is that they help companies overcome all kinds of challenges. So feel free to go for their fancy looks (hmm, good luck on that). But in the end it’s our collective Bean approach that counts.

Geert 2018

Geert Geens


Jan 2

Jan Bal


Cath 10

Catherine Tackoen


Koen C 2018

Koen Cuyckens


Hans 2018

Hans Donckers


Ive 2018

Ive Van der Auweraert


Bruno 2018

Bruno Vanneste


Joeri 2018

Joeri Bollaerts

graphic wizard

Bart 2018

Bart Van Langendonck

machinery dude

Koen DV 2018

Koen De Valck


Kim 2018

Kim Berckmans

bean counter

Gunter 2018

Gunter Loos


Katrien 2018

Katrien Van Rossom


Tom 2018

Tom Loockx


Takis 2018

Takis Issaris

nutty programmer

Bram 2018

Bram Herrygers


Elke 1

Elke Van Roy


francois 1

François Toussaint


Greet 1

Greet Verhaest


Get a Bean inside

How about plugging in one of these Beans to fill a temporary gap in personnel after the departure (or longer absence) of an employee? The failure of a function suddenly becomes an opportunity for improvement and innovation.

Book a Bean for a longer period in your company. But please return him/her.

We have a diverse pool of seasoned Bean talent in house. They’re all experts who have previously earned their stripes in different areas. From business process improvement over hr, training/coaching and branding to communication, content creation and service design. You fill in the blank. We’ve got it covered. According to the function in need, we come up with an unbiased twist. With fresh perspective, we can more easily detect obstacles and define opportunities than someone who’s been stuck in a rut of the daily routine. Or temporary loss could lead to a double win.