Beans (on site)

Beans, Beans, Beans. They come in many shapes and ways, still they are all yours. As we are more than just one, it could require some scrolling though…

If Beans can’t fix it, it’s a problem

Each Bean has his or her unique talents and style. But what we all have in common is a vast determination to get organizations overcoming their bravest challenges. Experience based business consultancy with its wiring a bit off.

We thrive on complementarity – often referred to as ‘the Bean way’ – and are convinced that this is how we make a difference. That’s why a Bean never comes alone.

So you will see Beans co-creating your offsite, others acting as your strategic advisor on your way to the boardroom, some are vitalizing teams and facilitating design workshops, others enabling strategy execution and coaching your key players. We organize business safaris. coordinate people projects,... In short: boots in the ground and going the extra mile for your strategy. Bravery, hell yeah!

Book a Bean for (an interim period in) your company. But please return him/her.

Get Beanmachine inside

Imagine plugging in one of these Beans when running short on manpower or expertise. For instance after the departure (or longer absence) of an employee. If a Beans enters, would this vacancy still be a problem or rather an opportunity? How about seizing the moment, and adding transformational capacity to finally start or speed up that sustainable change everyone expects you to accomplish? Beans can do that for you!

In our multi-disciplinary team every Bean earned his particular stripes. From business process improvement over HR, training and coaching to branding, communication, content creation, service design,… You fill in the blank, we’ve got it covered. Don’t expect us to just keep a chair warm though. Let’s add value and do it ‘the Bean way’.

Geert 2018

Geert Geens


Jan 2

Jan Bal


Greet 1

Greet Verhaest


Koen C 2018

Koen Cuyckens


Hans 2018

Hans Donckers


Bruno 2018

Bruno Vanneste


Joeri 2018

Joeri Bollaerts

graphic designer

Koen DV 2018

Koen De Valck


Linda 1

Linda Segers

guardian angel

Gunter 2018

Gunter Loos


Katrien 2018

Katrien Van Rossom


francois 1

François Toussaint


Elke 1

Elke Van Roy


Takis 2018

Takis Issaris

nutty programmer

Tom 2018

Tom Loockx


Serge profiel.jpg

Serge Lanhove


Kris 21

Kris Govaert


ChrisCuyt profiel.jpg

Chris Cuyt


Roel profiel website.jpg

Roel Lambrichts


Jolien profiel website.jpg

Jolien Noppen

Marketing Lead


Anneleen Andries