Why would you like to work with this Bean?

Because ‘development’ makes her tick …

Creating awareness and spotting potential makes her enthusiastic …

And stimulating ‘movement’ (of any kind) is what she does …

In combining some ‘dualities’ Anneleen is at her best: a critical analysis combined with sensitive intuition - a calm, constructive approach combined with a ‘let’s do this’ mentality – straightforwardness combined with mildness.

She tends to go directly to the essence … sometimes too fast (she knows) but all that to enable an open dialogue and progress.

And when this Bean is not working

She loves reading and reading some more.

And when she is not reading, she goes running, hiking and swimming (something about a healthy mind in a healthy body …).

What makes this Bean boil?

Beating around the bush (“just say it”) and inconsistent behaviour (thinking A, saying B, doing C)

Working days @beanmachine
  • Developing leaders and teams
  • Individual coaching
  • Facilitating cultural & behavioural change
  • Designing contexts to embed bevahioural change and to enable strategic goals