Why would you like to work with this Bean?

Because of his grinta to seriously boost (your) business. Bram wants teams to perform through collaboration, streamlining their business processes and keeping constant focus on new market opportunities. A business growth challenge? New ways of working? A change journey? It is all in this guy. Maybe no surprise given his business acumen in marketing with some FMCG and banking companies, enriched with HR experience.  

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And when this Bean is not working

Then Bram is all romantically supporting his wife in her start up adventures. Interested in lactose-free biscuits? Bram can make you a special price ;)). The rest of his attention goes to the 3 little cooky monsters ruining the house. And some occasional running and cycling to escape both biscuits and monsters. 

What makes this Bean boil?

When things go slow, very slow, too slow. Oh, come on... move!!

Working days @beanmachine
  • Market development & business projects
  • Change management projects (also linked to IT implementations)
  • New ways of working
  • Talent development journeys
  • Workshop design & delivery