Why would you like to work with this Bean?

Resolute, courageous and clarifying. This is how Chris focuses on complexity. Disarming and always with a touch of humor, she breaks through barriers and drives conversations to what (really) matters. In one on one conversations she is a profound listener, a powerful translator who plays, stimulates and dances you gracefully outside your own frame of mind. As she breathes simplicity, you’ll get liberated from your own ballast when you’re in contact with her. She has an instinct for untapped potential.

In teams she connects by naming the unspoken, removing the layer of dust and turning it into glitter that makes collaborations shine. Actually she's kind of a witch.

She works methodically in a thorough and involved way, always in relationship. She trains you to perfection on communication and coaching skills.

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Chris Cuyt 6
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And when this Bean is not working

Having an agile and playful nature, she flips somersaults on the trampoline with her children and has lindy hopping as her guilty pleasure. On average, she thinks twice a week about how to live otherwise. She likes to disappear for a while to come back full of inspiration… And on return, she surprises with beautiful moments, writings and songs.

What makes this Bean boil?

Not very much. But still: sentences with far too many words, without a message.

She gets a little nervous from men with ties, but never longer than five minutes.

Working days @beanmachine

Courageous conversations at work

Psychological Safety

Workability and teamcoaching

Expert in powerful rituals

“Courage and comfort never ride the same horse”