Why would you like to work with this Bean?

Because he is like an osteopath. He squeezes, wrings, pushes, sometimes quite venomously on your sour spot… but afterwards you feel relief. Jan is an all-in kind of guy (from garbage trucks over youth work to business schools). This way he gathered an almost scary amount of knowledge and experience. Jan still loves putting on his boots and roll up his sleeves so things really get done. And before you even realise it, he has started an enthusiastic movement within your organization to join him on his quest. 

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Beans the musical fruit
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And when this Bean is not working

Combines off road mountainbiking with spotifying all kinds of music that makes his feet tap. According to Jan this is called dancing.

What makes this Bean boil?

The unsincere use of the word ‘sorry’. And people who take no responsibility by simply pointing towards others.

Working days @beanmachine

  • Projects on organizational culture and change
  • Advising clients on their Leadership development
  • Strategic consulting on Learning & Development
  • Diving into service design projects