Why would you like to work with this Bean?

Because of her always open, non-judging and activating way of working (and living). After coaching careers and facilitating teams for years now, Katrien feels at home at these crucial junctions where individual and collective interests meet (and often collide). Connecting teams, developing what's already inside, making plans that energize,.... For Katrien it's always the people.

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And when this Bean is not working

Loves just about all kinds of trips and organizing them. CombinesĀ running or biking in nature with singing with friends.

What makes this Bean boil?

Yes-but-people, as they spoil the moment.

Oh and a bit bothered by Beanmachine's lack of women too... so all you ladies out there, let's talk!

Working days @beanmachine
  • Coaching promising people
  • Leading and facilitating groups
  • Training teams
  • Career coachingĀ