Why would you like to work with this Bean?

Because she likes getting things done efficiently. She takes ownership of the process from A to Z, taking care of the bigger picture and the nitty gritty details. Once it’s on Linda’s list, others can let go. And that’s why we love her so much at Beanmachine. She provides accurate and friendly support for all Beans and takes perfect care of all the crucial financial and HR-related stuff… so that all the rest can take care of our clients.

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Linda 3
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And when this Bean is not working

She likes those long quiet weekends where you do nothing but read books and go for walks. But when friends throw a party, she’ll be the last to stay. She loves craft beers and seafood, and when combining both, she goes a little crazy.

What makes this Bean boil?

Bureaucracy, endless procedures and things going too slow.

Working days @beanmachine

Invoicing & bookkeeping

Office management

Organizing Bean events

… and literally being Beans’ guardian angel ;-)

“Once it’s on Linda’s list, others can let go.”