Team performance. Adapting change. Living the culture. Innovation capacity… Regardless the content of your project goal, our Bird’s Eye technology allows organizations to have a full and real time view on the behaviour, state of mind and convictions of teams and people.

You can of course choose one of our existing modules. But in the end this technology is always tailor made, so we will be happy to build your very own Bird’s Eye.

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Input for the Bird’s Eye is easily generated through quick people surveys combined with the organizations internal database(s).


The output of the Bird’s Eye is always tailor made. It can presented both visually and statistically, according to the needs of the project and the corporate culture.


Segmentation criteria allow view results from different angles. The purpose of the project determines which angles are relevant. Our design team assists in clarifying your significant criteria.

The time travel slider makes differentdata comparable through time.It shows the progress of the project, the evolution of people and even allows to deduce future trends.

By integrating your organisation chart into the Bird’s Eye, you can zoom in on more local results in your organization.


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