Traction in transformation: the 24-CEOs-multiplier effect


Safety inspection and certification. For a long time a rather shielded business branch, today however a fast changing and more competitive market. So how can a technical inspection organization transform into an innovative, customer centric advising company? Preferably with faster and stronger traction than classical change waves establish. That’s the challenge of Vinçotte’s #ActBlue cultural change project.

All credits to Vinçotte. It was their decision to ignite their change process bottom-up, inviting employees from all over the organization to volunteer for the role of CEO, the Culture & Experience Officer. With a multiplier effect of 24 CEO’s change was bound to happen fast and good… right? Sure, and yet maybe a bit more nuanced.

After some more serious delving into the upcoming challenge of these 24 CEOs, we determined the following requirements in order to really get such a bottom-up approach going:

  • A serious mind, behaviour, and skills shift to empower CEOs in getting things done
  • A platform to discuss system shifts as well (tangible actions in key projects should allow structural shifts)
  • Community building, as these CEOs were going to operate rather isolated, each in their own region and their own business line
  • Regular touchpoints with intervision and learning nuggets to avoid a flash in the pan
vincotte 3b

A small co-design team - combining expertise and experience from both Vinçotte and Beanmachine – mapped the learning needs. Tailored to these needs we designed a bootcamp that was to precede the actual #ActBlue learning journey.

vincotte 9
vincotte 6b
  • 3 long, intense and energetic days
  • Contribution of the (real) CEO and 5 key players
  • A mix of strategic company insights and change management methods
  • Lots of experimenting with and exercises on new behaviors and skills
  • Learning by doing in an innovative spirit of “fail fast, learn forward”
  • Tangible action plans and very concrete personal commitments
  • Oh… and fun!

By consolidating the bootcamp with 4 actionable change plans in 4 strategic key projects, system shifts surfaced as well (and immediately were accepted to be top priority by the Vinçotte management).


There it was: the multiplier effect! A strong community of 24 fully energized CEOs, all on the same page. Very willing and able to take off and generate traction, engage their colleagues, bring to life the new strategy. With along their journey “basecamps” offering them the opportunity to share experiences and best practices, to continue learning new skills ànd to monitor progress (including analytics to actually measure the gradual multiplier effect).

After one year, the journey was evaluated by all stakeholders. Vinçotte decided to start a second journey with the same team to bring the change to the next level. The Act Blue CEOs became Act Blue Mentors and they are linked to new strategic projects. Up to them to spread the Blue virus thanks to an exponential multiplier effect.


A mix of bravery, co-creation and vast determination is what made the magic happen.

bean team

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