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If you’ve come to this page, you’re about to contact us... Either you’ve read engaging things on this site or you’ve heard good things about us. Or you landed here by chance while looking for a bean machine to make your coffee... in that case, we can’t help you (yet). Otherwise, contact any Bean you like, or give us a call at +32 498 946 964.

Geert 2018

Geert Geens

Jan 2

Jan Bal

Cath 10

Catherine Tackoen

Koen C 2018

Koen Cuyckens

Hans 2018

Hans Donckers

Ive 2018

Ive Van der Auweraert

Fred 2018

Frédéric Williquet

Bruno 2018

Bruno Vanneste

Joeri 2018

Joeri Bollaerts

Bart 2018

Bart Van Langendonck

Koen DV 2018

Koen De Valck

Kim 2018

Kim Berckmans

Gunter 2018

Gunter Loos

Katrien 2018

Katrien Van Rossom

Tom 2018

Tom Loockx

Takis 2018

Takis Issaris

Bram 2018

Bram Herrygers

Elke 1

Elke Van Roy

francois 1

François Toussaint

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Our office is mobile. You can find us here or in any good coffee bar in town.

Beanmachine HQ

Diestbrugstraat 20
3071 Kortenberg

We are a Belgium based business consultancy cooperative on an international mission to make organizations more connected, aligned and responsive.

Our office is mobile. You can find us where the action takes place or in any good coffee bar around the world.

Beanmachine is a Growth Facilitator brand.

Growth Facilitator CVBA
Diestbrugstraat 20
3071 Kortenberg
BTW 0627 891 391