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Fire 6
Gabba, fire and a first value exercise

Make a shortlist of about 100 company values. Let your kids write them all down on pieces of cardboard in exchange for ice cream. Attach them (the values, not your kids) to a chicken wire fence. Now all it takes is a great campfire dialogue. Just burn every value that doesn't stick with the stories you share the next hours. On exactly such a night, these are the values Beanmachine decided to keep. 

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The power of the pack
By Jan Bal
Operating as standalone entities? Today, not one (sustainable) organization can afford such an attitude. We can no longer ignore the ecosystem in (and from) which we profit. Connecting needs to be both extended and enhanced. And that's where teams come in. Often being the interface with the ecosystem, they play a crucial role. That's why for several years now we have been working intensely with teams regarding connectedness. By doing so, I often got to feel the power of the pack.
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bean reading
By Niels Pflaeging
Brand new book with an author as stubborn and ingenious as ever. Perfect summer reading for those who read and loved Niels's 2014 bestseller "Organize for Complexity".

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