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Best Bean in Class
Jolien Noppen

Recently, we organised a fun, little quiz called 'Best Bean in Class'. We invited everyone to discover where some of our brilliant Beans are active as (guest)lecturer and asked them to share their grades in order to establish the Best Bean in Class. Now it's time to share the results. Missed the quiz? No worries, we'll give you a recap!

And the winner is...

After weeks of sleepless nights, it's time to announce who receives the award of Best Bean in Class. The results were close but in the end, there was one clear winner. The Best Bean in Class 2021 is... TOM LOOCKX! 🥳

Was it the quirky smile on his face? Or his nickname as a creative wizard? Who knows! All we know is that he definitely deserves this award, given how committed he is to share his expertise & experience with the next generation of creative masterminds from the Karel de Grote Hogeschool.

Congrats, Tom!

Missed the quiz?

No worries, here's a quick recap of our brilliant Beans who combine their work at Beanmachine with a position as (guest)lecturer. Sharing their knowledge on topics such as Organisational Design, Leadership Development, Change Management, and much more!


Anneleen Andries

It hasn't been too long since we got her to switch from her academic life to the Bean life, as Anneleen is not only a great consultant & coach but also a lector of Work and Organisational Psychology at Thomas More.

Our interns who had the privilege to see her at work describe her as passionate, engaged, and a Beanworthy outside-the-box-thinker.


Hans Donckers

If you've ever seen Hans pitch or present, you'll agree: he knows how to work the room! That's exactly what he did when he & Geert gave a 3-day Masterclass Organisational Design to students Master of Science in International Management at Franklin University Switzerland.

Although the room was a virtual one, they kept it interactive by using tools such as Mentimeter & Mural. And when the feedback afterwards mentions 'phenomenal professors' you must have done something right, right?


Bruno Vanneste

In between his work at Beanmachine for clients such as Vinçotte, Pierre Fabre, and Proximus, Bruno also loves to spend his time at Ehsal Management School. Not only lecturing Leadership and Change Management but also coaching the students of the postgraduate HRM in one of their HR projects.


Geert Geens

Part two of the Franklin University dream team ✌️ He likes to call himself a Building Nerd, but we would describe Geert more as some kind of TED-speaking Bob The Builder: combining design- and building power with his professional drive for leadership and innovation.


Jan Bal

In his cool shorts and trendy sneakers, it's not difficult to mistake Jan for a student instead of a teacher.

But don't let him fool you, that big bald head of his is stuffed with wisdom he loves to share with others. That's why he engages himself for the 'Meet the OD practitioner' module in the course Organisational Development for the Masters in Human Resource Management at the Antwerp Management School.


Kris Govaert

His vast amount of business management experience combined with contagious storytelling vibes make Kris the ideal guy to stand in front of a full classroom.

In the past 3 years, the first-year students of Office Management at HOGENT have had the privilege to watch him work his magic during the bootcamp 'values & standards'.


Tom Loockx

Last but definitely not least, our Best Bean in Class! With his 20 years of experience in advertising agencies, it's no surprise Tom is our creative communication and branding wizard at Beanmachine.

Besides helping our clients with service design & purpose projects, he's also a lecturer in Advertising & Communication Design at Karel de Grote Hogeschool. Inspiring and enabling the next generation of creative wizards.

Ready to rock the new school year with this bunch of brilliant Beans! 🤟Because besides academic work, they are also superstars when it comes to helping people & organisations thrive. Want to find out how they can help you tackle your business challenges? Check out our offering on How To Thrive in the Hybrid Way of Working or download the brochure.

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