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How to thrive in the Hybrid Way of Working - Our offering
Jolien Noppen

Post-Covid, the nature of work will be hybrid. And it will be so in many ways, with a multitude of workplaces, technologies, and time zones. The workforce will be more hybrid than ever, mixing own staff, temporary staff, contractors, and suppliers adding a rich diversity. Dealing with those elements is not merely a practical challenge. It is in essence an adaptive challenge. One you can’t tackle overnight. It will demand a thorough redesign of your workplace, your work processes, and your workforce.

Download our brochure How to Thrive in the Hybrid Way of Working or check out below how we can help you with

  • Learning
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Our offering to help you thrive

1 - Learning

In the hybrid workplace, some of our old skills and habits will no longer suffice. How to manage people and teams when you can’t sit together? How to hold efficient meetings when some people are in the room, and others are joining remotely?

Our trainings and workshops will help you make the skills transition in no time

Skill drill training

Leadership & team coaching workshops

✔️ Want to accelerate the upskilling of your workforce? Check out our full training catalog at the Bean Campus.

2 - Tooling

Combining two of our strengths, innovation, and tooling, we offer smart tools to support transformation, change, and learning.

AQai Assessment

With a scientifically proven questionnaire and certified assessors, we help you measure and analyse your Adaptability Quotient. A first step into training the adaptability muscle that will make you a leader of change instead of a follower.

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✔️ Interested in developing your AQ? Contact François, Geert, or Greet and they'll help you out.

JiGSO Listen

More than ever, team engagement and connection are under pressure. JiGSO Listen is an innovative team listening platform that provides your teams with the insights and tools they need to build a culture of cohesion and psychological safety.


✔️ Ready to empower your teams? Contact Hans for more information.

3 - Transformation

Successfully implementing a hybrid way of working requires a change in the methods and ideas we used to have. With profound expertise in culture transformation, organisation design, and leadership development, we start from your current culture to design and build a sustainable transformation journey.


✔️ How do you build an aligned & connected management team remote? By taking the off-site online. Discover how we did this with the Roche Enabling Team.

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Our mission is to build adaptive organisation where people and business thrive. Together. With a multilingual team of experienced consultants, we offer support in both English, Dutch, and French.

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