What we do.

We transform and develop your culture & organisation. Together.

Our team of solid Beans brings you profound expertise in culture transformation, organisation design and leadership development. With courageous advice, energetic interventions, innovative tools and smart use of data we create traction and ignite your employees’ drive.

Starting from your current culture, we design and build a sustainable transformation journey. Together.

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leadership development

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team development

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culture transformation

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organisation design

How we do it.

With a deep understanding of human behaviour.

Tomorrow’s challenges can't be addressed only with a technical or mechanical approach. One might have the best process or systems for a given challenge, but in the end it's humans who need to execute or use them. Therefore we always focus on the human challenge behind the business problem.

Building on behavioural science, we design and deliver human centered solutions.


Our mission

Our mission at Beanmachine is to build adaptive organisations where people and business thrive. Together.

Adaptive organisations

Develop your AQ

Successful organisations are organisations with a high Adaptability Quotient - meaning they adapt to change in a smart and sustainable way.

By organising and developing your AQ you will become a leader of change instead of a follower.


Where people and business thrive

The human centered approach

When people thrive and bring the best of themselves, they will deliver their best work.

As architects of social interactions, we design and build a powerful context where people and business can thrive. 



The new collaboration

Adaptive challenges require a new way of collaboration. In an era of partnerships and ecosystems, collaboration does not happen within, but across teams and organisations. 

Unleash the wisdom of the crowd (and of the Beans) to realise your goals. Together.

Why you should do it with us.

Because we work with our clients. Together.
Customer NBB logo
National Bank Belgium

“What brought us here won’t bring us there.” It’s a saying that applies to all organizations, also to this rock solid Belgian institute. Initiated by the governor and the senior management, but in co-design with the whole organisation, we embarked on a profound cultural change journey. Destination? A modern central bank, delivering value to society.

Customer Belfius logo

In the past decade the financial industry has undergone seismic shifts: financial crisis, new players in the market, cryptocurrencies, etc. Like all other banks, Belfius had to respond with a strategic shift. And they outperformed many of their competitors. We supported them by supplementing the strategic shift with a ‘leader-shift’. Over 600 managers embarked on an intensive leadership development journey. Destination? Shifts in mindset and behaviour.

Customer Carmeuse logo

Facing a major market shift, Carmeuse Europe was looking for a new operating model to be as adaptive and performing as possible. How areas and HQ interact was one of the magic formulas to seek. What to centralize and what to decentralize? We advised and supported the European Leadership Team in this spicy journey. Destination? A high performing industry leader with impact on customers and environment.

Customer BMT logo
BMT Group

'Always moving forth’ is the baseline of this Belgian family owned multinational. And that is exactly what they do in a very challenging market. Over the past five years we have accompanied and facilitated a couple of complex mergers and integrations for this industrial group… always people first, according to their deeply rooted values.

Because we inspire others. Together.

Beantalks is a podcast series on how organisations respond to adaptive challenges and how they get their people to thrive. Bean Greet Verhaest, experienced professional in People, Culture and Organisations, talks with HR and business leaders from small and large companies.

Key figures from The National Bank of Belgium, Decathlon and Fluvius among others share their experiences in order to inspire organisations and peers facing the same challenges.

You can listen to the podcast here, on Spotify and on Apple Podcasts.